Your account can have one or more email addresses registered with Keep&Share. Once registered, Keep&Share use these to communicate to you. To protect your account security, each new contact address or number must be 'verified' by Keep&Share sending you a message and you replying to the message -- thereby proving that the registered address or number is accurate and belongs to you.

Verification Emails

To protect you from Spammers, Keep&Share requires you to verify your email address. Verifying is easy: click on the long blue link in the verification email we send you:

The verification link is sent to the email address you gave us. When you click on the link you 'close the loop' -- confirming to us the email address is valid and working.

Keep&Share gives you three grace logins after account creation, after which you are not allowed back into your account until you verify your email.

Verification emails are sent by Keep&Share within a few minutes of new account creation or adding / changing the email address on your account.

Ask for Another Verification Email

If you need to have another email sent to you, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click 'Log In'.
  3. Log in to your account with your account name and password.
  4. On the next screen you will be told that 'Email Verification Required'.
  5. Use the 'Click here' to send another email verification message.
  6. Now you can look in your inbox and spam folder again.
  7. Once you find the email, click on the verification link in it.

If you do not see a pop up dialog when you first log in to your Keep&Share account, that means your email address is verified. No further action is required on your part.

You can also go to the Email Settings screen and click a button to resend verification emails.

What to Do If a Keep&Share Email is Not Arriving

If you are having trouble receiving emails from Keep&Share follow these trouble shooting steps:

  1. Look in the same email account that you gave to Keep&Share.
  2. Check that the email address is correctly spelled.
  3. Is the email from in your spam folder?
  4. Set your spam filters to allow emails from Besides the spam filter on your personal email system, there may be spam filters at your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your IT department. Contact your ISP or IT department and ask that they 'white list' "".
  5. Check whether you have a 'security' program such as Norton or McAfee and make sure they are not trapping some Keep&Share emails.
  6. Add '' and '' to your email address book to help emails get to your in box.

Chain of Spam Filters: There are often 2 or 3 separate spam filters between your inbox and incoming emails. Be sure to check them all:

  • Your email program (e.g., GMail, Outlook).
  • Your mail provider such as "" or "" is likely filtering for spam. You must look in their folders in your online account. It is not enough to look in your mail client's spam folder, because if is trapping an email in their servers, it will never even get to your Outlook.
  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as "" or "" is likely filtering for spam if you are using an email address such as "".
  • Your computer may have third party 'security' programs such as Norton or McAfee that are filtering spam.
  • Your business or school IT department is likely filtering for spam if you are using an email address based on their domain name.
  • Your web hosting service (such as is likely filtering for spam if you are using an email address based on a domain name and website they are hosting for you.

But I Am Getting Other Emails from Keep&Share

Why is just this one email from blocked when I am getting others just fine? Spam filters look at the content of an email to try to predict (guess!) whether an email is spam or not. Spam filters are not perfect - in fact, they are notorious for sometimes missing real spam and miscategorizing real emails falsely as spam.

So it is quite common for spam filters to let some emails from through, and stop others. It all depends on the settings of the particular chain of spam filters between your inbox and the Internet.

Try a Different Email Address

By using the Email Settings screen you can add, delete and manage many email addresses and mobile phone numbers on your account. If you are having problems verifying a particular email address, a good step is to add one or two others and try to verify those at the same time.

  1. Click 'My Account' at the top.
  2. Click 'Email Settings'.
  3. Add any new correct email addresses - a new verification email will be immediately sent.
  4. Add other email addresses or mobile numbers while you are on this screen.
  5. Delete any incorrect email addresses or that are blocked by spam filters.
IP Addresses: Keep&Share emails may be sent from our servers at either "" or "". If you are still having problems you can give these IP addresses to your IT department or service provider and ask them to make sure they are allowing emails from these addresses. Email Users

Use Gmail's Search to Find the Keep&Share EMail: Log into your GMail account using a web browser. Then type or copy this into the Gmail search box: "in:all". It will show you all emails from, regardless of which folder or spam filter they were mistakenly placed in. Once you find emails from Keep&Share, check to select them and click on the 'More' and then choose 'Not Spam'.

What if Clicking on the Link in the Verification Email Doesn't Work

If you click on the long blue link in the verification and the browser says 'Cannot load page', then the likely problem is that the IT department at your office has their network firewalls set up to block this operation. You can either:

  • Get your IT department to help you resolve the issue.
  • OR, wait until you can view the verification email in another location such as your home. Chances are very good that the link will work fine there.