When you create a custom “Self-Book” template you can choose to have an email sent automatically to your participants to notify them of when their booking is confirmed, rejected, or both. You can see your options in the custom “Self-Book” form below:

When you click on the check boxes next to “Confirm accept” or “Confirm reject” you will also have the option to provide extra text in the confirmation or rejection email sent to your participants in the custom “Self-Book” template. This can be helpful for giving extra details to your participants for what else they need to do when their booking is accepted, or why you rejected their booking for your event.

To add custom text to your confirmation or rejection emails you will need to edit your custom “Self-Book” template following the steps in the image below:

Once you have saved the changes to your “Self-Book” template, your customers will now receive confirmation or rejection emails with your custom text similar to the one below: