The appearance of your Keep&Share Calendar can be edited in both web and print. If you would like to customize your Calendar’s colors to match your website, company brand, or simply your own personal style, visit the “Customize” screen to create your own custom color theme.

Creating a customized color theme

When you are changing your Calendar’s colors, you have the option of selecting one of Keep&Share’s pre-made color themes or creating your own color theme from scratch. You can also select one of our pre-made color themes and then make modifications to that color theme if you choose. Follow the steps in the image below:

If you click on the blue “Create My Own Theme” link in the “Choose a color theme” tab, you will be taken to the “color preview” screen where you can see a live preview of your color selections.

You can get started with the “Standard Themes” drop-down menu to sample Keep&Share’s pre-designed color themes. You can further customize your Calendar Colors individually by clicking and editing a color swatch, or entering the hex code of a specific color. You also have the option of selecting the colors from another Calendar in your account and copying the colors from that Calendar onto your current Calendar. See the image below:

Note: This color preview screen does not control the colors for any embedded Calendars. Use the “Embed Calendar” command to customize colors for embedded calendars on your “Customize” screen. This screen also does not control the color of your Events. You can change your Event Colors by using Event Tags, formatting your Event text, or changing the color of your Event times.

If you're ever curious about which part of the Calendar a color corresponds to, you can also hover over the Calendar section links (example “Month Box BG”) for further explanation.

For more information on customizing the look of your calendar, visit the Calendar Appearance solutions folder.