When you create an Event on your Calendar, you can give anyone who is visiting your Calendar the ability to sign-up for that Event or suggest other Events by setting up the “Self-Book” feature on your Calendar.

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The Self-Book feature allows you to create custom sign-up forms using one of our five templates. You have full control over every booking for your Events, including what information you want to receive, payments for Events, confirming or denying bookings, and more. You can manage all of your bookings through your “Self-Book” Dashboard screen, which you can access by clicking on the “Self-Book” button on the left-hand side of the blue bar above your calendar.

Only people that you share your Calendar with (including if you share your Calendar publicly) can make requests to sign up or add Events to your Calendar. People visiting your Calendar can never view other people’s booking details or change existing bookings on your calendar.

Using the full range of features available in Self-Book, visitors can:

Note: You must have either a Solo Plan or a Team Plan before you can add the Self-Book feature to your account.

If you currently have a free Basic account, you can try a 15-day free trial of our Solo plan to try out all of our premium features.

Learn more about how to add Self-Book to your account.

Learn more about the Self-Book feature.