When you use any one of the four “Self-Book” template types on your Calendar or Events, each of the corresponding “Self-Book” Forms for these templates has a name, phone number, email, and any other information fields that anyone booking an event is required to fill out. This contact information is kept in the “Review Bookings” panel of your “Self-Book” Dashboard. Follow the steps in the image below:

It is from this panel that you can export all of your participant data, including the contact information, to a .CSV file that you can use in any spreadsheet program. Using that .CSV file, you can generate email lists so that you can contact all of your participants at once, or you can contact participants individually. To learn how to export the contact information please follow the steps in this image:

Once you click on the blue “Export List” link a .CSV file (a standard spreadsheet file format) will start downloading to your computer. You can open this file in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet software of your choice.

If you'd like to see all of the signup form details your visitors submitted when they booked your event, you can also drill down in your "Review Bookings" panel by clicking on the template name of the event you'd like to see. When you click on the template name (shows as a blue link) you can see all of the information your visitors submitted and further drill down by event, calendar, or booking date.

You can also choose to make a custom “Self-Book” Form and add additional fields for contact information, such as mailing addresses.

Note: Keep&Share cannot send emails directly from you out to your Calendar booking participants, you must send them from your own email account.