There are basically five different ways you can choose to let people “sign up” for or add an event to your Calendar. These are selected from among the five types of Self-Book Templates which you can also customize. When you set up Self-Book on your Calendar, you choose one Self-Book template to add to your Calendar or Event to decide how a Calendar visitor can self-book an Event (see explanations of 5 types below. Learn more about Meetings here.).

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Each Self-Book Template comes with a corresponding Self-Book Form that a visitor fills out in order to book an event on your calendar, but you can also create your own custom forms if you prefer. The Calendar visitor will see these Self-Book Forms when they click on the Self-Book link in your Calendar or Event. See the image below for the Self-Book link, the corresponding Self-Book Form, and what the Self-Book link looks like once a Visitor has filled out a Self-Book Form.

Types of “Self-Book” Templates

Book an Appointment

The “Book an Appointment” template lets visitors select to book an event from a range of potential time slot events that you set up on your Calendar. The Calendar visitor fills out information about themselves and fills in details that you've asked for on the corresponding Self-Book Form. The “Book an Appointment” template is for events with only one participant.

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Sign Up for a Group Event

The “Sign Up for a Group Event” template lets visitors select to book an event from a range of prearranged group events that you set up on your Calendar. When visitors sign up for a Group Event, they provide information only about themselves as they are signing up to attend an event that you arrange the details of. Multiple people can sign up for this event until it reaches capacity. This template gives you full control over the time, content, and size of the event that you create on your Calendar.

Watch this video to see how “Sign Up For a Group Event” works.

Make a Reservation

The “Make a Reservation” template lets visitors suggest a time to book a private event to take place on your Calendar. The Calendar visitor fills out information about themselves and contributes details of what they'd like the event to be about on the corresponding Self-Book Form. In this template, the visitor suggests the time of the event, unlike with “Book an Appointment” or “Sign Up for a Group Event”. Details of this event are not displayed publicly on your Calendar, because it is a private event — only the time will appear.

When visitors “Make a Reservation”, they submit information primarily about themselves, the reserving party.

Watch this video to see how “Make a Reservation” works.

Suggest an Event

The “Suggest an Event” template is ideal for Keep&Share users who would like to give a lot of accessibility for their Calendar visitors to add to their Calendar. This template lets visitors suggest a public event onto your Calendar that your other Calendar visitors can see and attend. The corresponding Self-Book Form allows Calendar visitors to contribute time, description, a URL, styling, and added notes to the event in addition to gathering contact information from the event creator.

Note: This template is particularly useful if you'd like to publish an interactive embedded Calendar with your Calendar visitors.

Please watch these Self-Book videos to see our Self-Book feature and how it works.


The "Invite-to-Meeting" template allows you to create events that you can invite others to and they can RSVP for your event. When you invite attendees to your meeting, you will have the choice of making the meeting optional or required for individual people that you have invited. These meeting invitations are then emailed to the users that you have invited. Your invitees will be notified of the meeting, who organized the meeting, any meeting details, and they can then RSVP yes or no (if the meeting is optional).

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