Yes, you can customize all of the text provided in your Calendar sign-ups with a full Self-Book subscription. Simply set up a Self-Book Prompt to change the text that Self-Book posts to your Calendar, or create a customized Self-Book Form to change the text provided on the form a Calendar visitor uses to book your Calendar Event.

Setting a Self-Book Prompt

Self-Book Prompts are one of the many options available for customized Self-Book Templates. Self-Book Prompts both greet the Calendar visitor and allow them to know if an Event is open if it’s booked, if it’s full, or if your Calendar is open for Event suggestions. The specifics on your Self-Book Prompt are determined by the Self-Book Template Type that you select to use. In the “Book an Appointment” and “Group Sign Up” Self-Book template types this will appear as a link to the right of your booking Event’s title. For “Make a Reservation” and “Suggest an Event” template types, the prompt’s text will appear on a gray button in your Calendar’s title bar.

To set a Self-Book Prompt, go to the “Self-Book” Dashboard, click “Add Template”, and select your choice of Self-Book Template Type. You can then write a Self-Book Prompt that lets Calendar visitors make a booking on your Calendar (like signing up for an Event or suggesting an Event).

Learn more about Self-Book in the Setting up Self-Book solutions folder.