The Keep&Share “Address Book” application keeps addresses online for easy access from any web-connected computer, smartphone, or mobile device. “Address Book” is the name we give for the entire application in Keep&Share (listed as “Addresses” in the Navigator) and individual addresses are known as “records.”

Each of the records in your Address Book holds a wealth of contact information, with options for multiple sets of contact information available for email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and more. There is even an option to add notes and add comments to individual contact records with room for more than 20 pages of detailed word processing notes.

Organize your addresses in separate Folders and selectively share Folders and addresses with others. Folder Sets of Addresses are also known as “Address Books” in Keep&Share. You always control who sees what in your  account. Keep&Share also makes it easy to search through your addresses using a variety of search tools and tags at your disposal. You can also easily attach information from your addresses to Events on your Calendar.

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If you do not see the “Address” tab in the Navigator, turn the Address tab on .

How many records will my Address Book hold?

Free Basic accounts can have up to 50 addresses in their Address Book and paid accounts can hold up to 20,000 addresses.