Paid Solo and Team Keep&Share accounts provide advanced commands for downloading both individual Photos and an entire Photo Albums. The download commands are available to both you (the signed-in user) and your friends viewing your Photos. So you need only upgrade the main account that holds a group’s Photos. Everyone else can have free accounts, but when they access the one paid account through the Share Page, they can download Photos and Photo Albums.

The advanced commands include downloading an entire Photo Album as a ZIP file to your computer or copying Photos and Photo Albums from another person’s account into your account. Click on a photo to view it and then click on the blue “Download” link at the bottom of the photo to download it at its full 1800 pixel size.

Photo download and copy commands are also available to you (the upgraded user) when you are viewing your friends’ Photos in their accounts, even if their account is a free account.

Allow others to copy and download your Photos and Photo Albums

By default, your Photo Albums are entirely private to you, but they can be easily shared with others. After you set your Share Control on your Photo Album, you also have the choice of allowing any Visitors you have shared your Photo Album with to download and/or copy your Photos. When you are editing your Photo Album you will see an option with a check box labeled “Allow copies/downloads.” By default, this option will be checked when you create a new Photo Album. If you do not want visitors to have that right, you can uncheck this option in your Photo Album editing screen. See below: