The Keep&Share editor gives you the ability to create and edit formatted Documents that can include tables and photos.

You enter the editor by either creating a New File on the blue bar or by clicking on the blue “Edit” link to the right of a Document’s name.

Text formatting options

The text formatting icon bar provides commands to style and format your text at the top of your Document when it is in editing mode. Hover your mouse cursor over each icon and a tooltip will appear describing the function of the icon. To see more formatting options click on the "..." button. See the image below:

Every Keep&Share Document has the following text formatting options:

  • Bold, Italicize, Underline, and Strike-through text
  • Change Text Color, and Background Color
  • Erase Formatting Tool
  • Change Fonts and Font Size
  • Insert Special Characters
  • Add Bulleted/Numbered lists

Advanced Document text formatting options:

  • Align text
  • Superscript/Subscript text
  • Indent/Outdent text
  • Insert a Horizontal Line in your text

HTML formatting and picture options

Using the Spellchecker

If you right click your mouse (on the Mac: ctrl-click) in the Document when it is in editing mode, it will bring up the context menu with additional commands. In this list of commands is the Spellchecker. To turn the Spellchecker on, click on “Check Spelling.” If the Spellchecker is already turned on, a checkmark will appear to the left of the “Check Spelling” text.