Create, edit, view, and print Documents in Keep&Share's full online word processor - it runs in your browser, meaning you can use it from any internet-connected computer. It’s a full-featured word processor, but easy to use and since it stores your documents in industry-standard HTML file format, there is no proprietary format trapping your information in a proprietary or expensive piece of software.

Note you can use rich text formatting including colors to highlight key text, and how easy it is to embed photos, diagrams, and even scans of handwritten notes. Learn more about how to format Files. You can also insert links into your Documents.

Every Document supports online commenting threads by you or your friends. Comments can also be rich text and include hyperlinks and even photos.

Sorting Documents

Documents are easily organized and found using Folders, titles, dates, keywords, or document tags (you can see your list of tags by clicking on the star icon). The powerful Folders can not only store Documents you’ve created in Keep&Share but any file you upload from your PC, including spreadsheets, PDFs, photos, MP3s, and PC word processing documents. Learn more about uploading Files into Keep&Share.

Other Document functions

By clicking the small checkbox to the left of the Document name, you can move, copy, archive, or delete selected Documents or even all of the Documents in a Folder. See the image below:

As soon as at least one box next to a Document is checked, the Document commands will be “active” — that is, they will be clickable & able to be used. Before you have selected a file, all commands except “New” and “Upload” will be gray because there is nothing to apply them to. After a box has been checked next to one or more files though, the commands will look blue to show that they are active:

  • Download Documents: allows you to download selected documents.
  • Share Documents: brings up the Share Control; any changes you make are applied to all the selected Documents.
  • Copy Documents: copies all the selected Documents to either the same Folder or a new Folder.
  • Move Documents: moves all the selected Documents to a new folder.
  • Archive Documents: archives all the selected Documents.
  • Delete Documents: deletes all the selected Documents. (Be careful; there is no “Undo” for this command!)