Keep&Share’s Document editor is quite powerful in its ability to embed and handle images such as photos or bitmaps. Images can be inserted into your document with just a few clicks.

To insert an image or photo into your Document you should first upload the photo’s file into Keep&Share. The photo files must be in one of .JPG, .GIF or .PNG formats. Learn more about how to upload photos into Keep&Share.

How to Insert Photos

After you have put your Document into edit mode you can insert a photo by using the Document formatting toolbar.

The Insert Photo dialog allows you to pick a photo to insert. Each photo is displayed in thumbnail size with four blue commands "T", "S", "M", and "L", representing Tiny, Small, Medium, and Large photo sizes. Click on the size you want and it will be inserted. If you don't like that size, delete the photo and insert a different size.

Photo sizes are:

Max Size
TTiny or Thumb256 x 256 pixels
SSmall475 x 317 pixels
MMedium775 x 517 pixels
LLarge1170 x 780 pixels
Full SizeFull Size1800 x 1200

Original FileSelectively upload and
attach original photo files
Unlimited (as large as your camera produces)


Once an image is inserted, you can resize it by clicking anywhere on the image, which causes the image to be outlined with resize handles at the corners. Click and drag any of the corners to resize the image.

Inserted by itself, the image is treated as if it were a big “text character”, so you control its positioning by inserting Carriage Returns (the “Enter” key) before and after it, and spaces and tabs to its left and right, or using formatting commands such as “center alignment.”

Images can also be copied or cut to the clipboard to be duplicated elsewhere by using standard clipboard commands such as Ctrl-C and Ctrl-X.

If you want your images to appear one above the other, simply insert a carriage-return after each image by pressing the Enter key. If you’d like them to be side-by-side, don’t insert carriage returns, but you might want to put one or two spaces with the space bar in between each image.

If you’d like more layout flexibility, consider using a table in your Document and arranging images and text within the table's cells. The editor has an "Insert Table" icon that creates tables for you. They’re a great way to get side-by-side layouts of information. Learn more about how to insert tables in a Document.