Before adding a link to a Document, make sure that your Document is in Edit Mode. To add a link to your document follow the steps in the image below:

If you want your link to appear in a new browser window instead of the same browser window when it is clicked on, change the “Target” in the drop-down menu pictured above to “New window” instead of “None”.

Note: Besides clicking on the hyperlink icon, you can also right-click on any selected text and choose the hyperlink command from the context menu that appears.

How to edit or remove links from your Document

How to insert links to email addresses

If you want to create a link to an email address, follow the steps as you would when you insert any other link. Instead of typing a web URL into the URL field of the pop-up window, put in an email address prefaced with “mailto:”. For example, “”. Clicking on this link tells your browser to launch your email program with this address in the “To” field.

Follow the steps in the image below: