You can edit Photos both within the Photo Library and within Photo Albums. Both use the same Photo editor, which allows you to use “Prev Photo” and “Next Photo” buttons to click back and forth between Photos in a Photo Album. This way you can quickly step through Photos in a Photo Album to edit each photo.

Opening the Photo editor in the Photo Library

Using the Photo editor in the Photo Library

There are several tools that you can use to edit and organize your photos. When you click on the blue "Edit" link above the photo that you want to edit, you will be taken to the screen pictured below:

Edit a Collection of Photos at a Time

When you are in the photo editor, it is possible to edit each Photo individually as well as batches of Photos at once. The “Next Photo” and “Prev Photo” buttons help you to navigate between photos in your Photo library. When you are adding keywords to a Photo, you can add those keywords to one Photo, or apply them to all of the photos in your Photo Library.

Also, if you are looking at a specific set of photos in your Photo Library (using the Photo search options) you can apply keywords to all of the Photos in your search as opposed to applying keywords to every Photo in your Photo Library. Learn more about editing Photos using the Manage Photos application.

Add unlimited titles and captions

When you are editing a photo in the Photo Library, you can use a powerful word processor to caption with unlimited titles and descriptions. Click on either of the “click here to add a title” or “click here to add a description” prompts above and below the photo when you are in edit mode.

The caption editor includes these icons to give you rich text formatting. You can write as many words or paragraphs of descriptive narrative as you like.

Editing multiple Photos at once

You can also manage and edit your photos in bulk. Learn more about managing your Photos.