How much space you have in your account for uploaded files depends on whether you have a Basic, Solo, or Team plan. Note that Keep&Share is not intended for sharing extremely large files or very large numbers of files such as MP3s. Accordingly, there are certain limits on uploaded file size, cumulative uploaded file size, and monthly download bandwidth. These limits are large enough to accommodate hundreds or even thousands of ordinary spreadsheet and word processing files, but only a small number of video or MP3 files.

If you have a paid Solo account or Team account and you would like to add more capacity or storage space to your account, you can do this by choosing one of three Expansion Packs during your subscription purchase. You can also add an expansion pack to your account later by upgrading your account.

Note: Any deleted files that you have in your Document Trash Can count towards the total capacity of your account. If you are finding that you are running out of space in your account, you will need to go to your Document Trash Can, select all of the documents in your Trash Can, and then click on the brown “Delete Permanently” link at the top of the folder.

See Membership Details to see how much space each account type is allowed for uploaded files.