Keep&Share gives you the choice of sharing a single address with others or sharing several addresses all at once. You can share Folders of addresses or even share entire Address Books. However, if there are only a handful of select addresses within your Address Book that you want to share, you can use the command bar at the top of your Address Book to do this.

Note: before setting sharing, you might want to set up a Share Group for your Friends.

Using the command bar

If you want to share a single address or a couple of addresses, you can use the command bar at the top of your Address Book that lists these commands: Share, Copy, Move, Email, and Delete. Before you have checked the box next to any of your addresses, the commands will look gray on your screen. After the box has been checked, the commands will look blue to show that they are active.

Sharing addresses in bulk

If you want to share select addresses in bulk you'll need to click on the checkbox next to your addresses. Follow the steps in the image below:

Click the ”Can Edit” checkbox next to your Friends’ or Share Groups’ names to give Edit rights to whoever you share the addresses with, or you can click on the checkbox next to "Can Edit" at the top of the Edit Rights column to select everyone at once. Granting Edit Rights to one or a few folders is a very powerful way to allow your friends to collaborate.

Note: In order to receive Edit Rights for a Folder, both the person giving the Edit Rights and the person receiving the Edit Rights must have a paid Keep&Share account. This function does not work in free accounts.