One of the benefits of modifying the time display in your Events is that you can change all of the times at once. You don’t have to go through each Event individually and format the text. The Event time display changes all of your times in one large batch. You can also create a unique look for your Event times for each Calendar in your Keep&Share account.

If you want to change the color of your Event times you can change both the color of the text and the background color of the text. You can choose the Event time colors either by choosing a color from a pre-selected color palette or you can type in the hexadecimal (web color code) code for the color you want.

Changing the color of Event times

In the image above, you see two rectangular boxes to the right of “Event time text color” and “Event time background color.” The longer rectangular box is where you can type in a color hexadecimal code. The shorter rectangular box you can click on to show a pop-up color palette that you can select a color from. If you want to clear any color selections you have made, click on the red “x” to the right of the rectangular boxes.

Note: Any formatting changes that you make on your Event times will override any text formatting you have done in individual Events. Your original formatting will not be deleted. If you remove any time display formatting, your Event text will go back to any text formatting you created for the Event.