Event Tags” are tags that you can use to label and color code your Calendar Events. “Calendar Overlays” let you create a combined view of your Calendars by layering more calendars on top of the source calendar.

The Event Tags that you create in your Keep&Share account are available to all of your Calendars. If you create an Event Tag named “Phone Calls” in Calendar #1, this Event Tag will also be available to Calendar #2, Calendar #3, etc. The Event Tags can be see in a list on the left side of your Calendar screen.

For example, you can create a “Calendar A” that has Events tagged with the “Phone Calls” Event Tag, You can then overlay this Calendar with “Calendar B.” All of the Events in “Calendar A” will show up on “Calendar B.” If you have Events in both “Calendar A” and “Calendar B” tagged with the “Phone Calls” Event Tag, all of those Events will show up on one Calendar. You can also still turn Event Tags on and off and it will work for both the Events in the source Calendar and the Calendar Overlay.

Using Event Tags and Overlays together can be a very powerful combination. For example, let's say you have a public events calendar where the events can take place in four different locations (ex. north, south, east, and west). You can create a Calendar for each location with the Events that will take place in that location. Each event can be marked with an Event Tag for the type of Event (ex. hiking, jogging, etc.). While viewing Calendar “north” you can then add the other three calendars as Calendar Overlays.

This will allow your visitors to see all of your Events happening in all of your locations. If your visitors toggle on the Event Tags to see only “hiking” Events, they can then see all of the “hiking” Events happening in your “north,” “south,” “east,” and “west” locations.

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