You can customize your Event Tags with colors using the color picker in your Event Tag editor dialog. You have the option of choosing a background color and a text color for your Event Tag. You can choose these colors using the Keep&Share color picker, which is a pop-up dialog that gives you a wide array of colors you can click on to add them to your Event Tag. If you are looking to add a very specific color, you can also type in the hexadecimal code for your color in the provided text box.

How to add Event Tag colors

Once you have picked your colors, the colors will be automatically reflected in your Event Tag and on all Events marked with that Event Tag.

You can also add colors to your Event Tags by adding a border to the event. After you've clicked on the "Assign Custom Colors & Borders" box you'll see the option to choose a border style. Once you've chosen a border style you can then choose a custom color for your border. See the image below:

Event colors vs. Event Tag colors

Any colors that you choose for your Event Tags will override any Event colors you have added for your Event once you have applied the tag. In the example below, you can see an Event that was assigned colors for the text and the background within the Event editor. You can see what happens before and after an Event Tag has been assigned to that Event.

If you don't want the Event Tag colors to override your Event colors, you can choose this option in the Event Tag editor dialog. Learn more about keeping your original Event colors.

You Event colors can also change when you add multiple tags to one Event. Learn more about adding multiple Event Tags.