After you have created your Event Tags, you can apply them to any Event in your Calendar. Event Tags allow you to group specific Events by subject. For example, if you have multiple phone meetings on your calendar, you can mark them all with an Event Tag that shows the Event as purple and with a phone icon. Now you can see all of your Events that are phone meetings, regardless of whether they're with the same person or not.

Adding Event Tags

All of the tags that you create will be available in your Event editor dialog. You simply click on the blue “Add Tags” link in the Event editor dialog to access your list of Event Tags. You then click on the checkbox next to the Event Tag that you want to add to your Event.

You can add as many Event Tags as you want to your Event. However, the order of your Event Tags can affect what color your Event will be. Others can also add Event Tags to your calendar if you give them edit rights to your calendar. Learn more about multiple Event Tag colors.

Learn more about removing Event Tags.