Yes! Like with everything else on Keep&Share, you have complete control over who sees your Calendar as well as the information that Visitors see on your Calendar. This includes Event Tags and Calendar Overlays.

Any Event Tags that you create will appear on the left side of your Calendar screen. Using the “Tags & Overlays” management dialog, you can “hide” any of your Event Tags from showing up on the left side of your screen. By using this feature combine with Overlays, you can create a Calendar where a person see only the Event Tag that you want them to see.

For example let’s say that you have a staff schedule, but you only want one member of that staff (“Sarah”) to see where she is working (“South building”). Here’s how you can have Sarah see only the “South building” Event Tag:

  1. Create a new Calendar, name it something like “For Staff.”
  2. Share it with Sarah
  3. Create a Calendar Overlay in it that brings in your main Calendar
  4. Set the Event Tags on this Calendar so it only displays the “South building” tag

Now when Sarah sees the “For Staff” Calendar, it will only have Events tagged with “South Building” from that one Calendar Overlay. She will not be able to see anything else.