If you have a paid account, you can add the functionality and detail of a Day Note (except for icons) to your Event using the “Add a Note” feature. In the Event Notes editor you can add and format text in your note as you would in any word processor. This feature is useful for adding additional information such as notes for a meeting or flight information.

Sometimes you may only want to print specific information from your Calendar. Keep&Share gives you the ability to print only your Event notes instead of printing the entire Calendar. When you click on an Event Note in your Calendar, your Event note text will appear in a pop-up dialog with a gray “Print” button at the top. Click on that button to open the “Print” dialog for your Event notes. Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you click on the “OK” button, a default PDF printout will be generated in a new window. You can then use your computer’s printer to print out your Event notes.

The print dialog settings include:

  • Output as a web page: If checked, the document is placed on its own tab without the Keep&Share interface — ready to be printed using your browser's print capabilities.
  • Orientation: Landscape or Portrait.
  • Font: Arial, Serif or Sans-Serif fonts.
  • Font Size: five sizes ranging from “Smaller” to “Larger”. Choose smaller font sizes to get more text to appear on a page.
  • Paper Size: common U.S. and European paper sizes.
  • Title: the calendar or document name.
  • Header: left, center and right fields appear at top of every printout page.
  • Footer: left, center and right fields appear at bottom of every printout page.
  • Save as File: the print PDF will be saved as a file instead of opening as a tab in your browser.

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