In Keep&Share, the Share Control is set at the Calendar level. This means that everything in your Calendar (Day Notes, Events, etc.) will inherit whatever share setting that you chose for your Calendar. For example, if you choose to share your Calendar publicly, all of the Events in your Calendar will be made public too. There is no way to share some Events in a Calendar differently than other Events in the same Calendar.

However, if you want to restrict the sharing of your Events in a Calendar, there is a way to accomplish this:

  • Have multiple Calendars and share them differently
  • Combine Calendars together with overlays to see a unified view on one Calendar
  • Use the "Free/Busy" feature that will allow events from one particular calendar show as "Busy" instead of what the actual event is

For example:

  1. Create one calendar named “John Smith's Calendar" and share it publicly
  2. Create a second calendar named “John Smith's Private Events" and give it limited sharing
  3. Enter your private information and/or Events on the private calendar
  4. Overlay “John Smith's Calendar” into the “John Smith's Private Events" calendar

Once you have overlaid these calendars with one another, you will now see a combined view of your private Events with your public Events.

Learn more about Calendar Overlays.