When you view a Document that you have created, the “Attach to Event” button at the top of your Document makes it easy to add information from your Document to your Calendar Events. Clicking on the “Attach to Event” button will automatically copy a link to your Document and it will take you to your “Calendars” screen. This link will stay copied until you create a new Calendar Event, where a link to the Document will instantly show up in your Event without any extra work by you. This is faster than adding the Document link manually to your Event.

Note: Attaching Documents to Events is a feature available to paid Solo and Team accounts only.
Note: if your uploaded files are intended for others to view, be sure you've set the sharing on the upload folder so that all files in the folder will have the correct sharing for your audience.

Attaching your Document to an Event

First, you will need to click on the individual Document in your Documents folder that you want to copy the link for. Once you click on the “Attach to Event” button, there will be a green pop-up dialog notification that appears and confirms that your Document link has been copied. You will then be taken to your Calendar screens.

After that, all you need to do is click in the white space of a Day Box in your Calendar to create an Event. The text box where you type in the name and time of your Event will be empty, but you will notice the “Attach Link” tab indicates that there has been a link attached. As soon as you click on the “Create Event” button, your new Event will appear on your Calendar with a link to your Document at the end of it. If you click on that blue link, you will be taken immediately to that Document in your Document Folder.

The “Attach to Event” button is a quick and easy way to add a lot of information to your Events without cluttering up the appearance of your Event on your Calendar. 

You can also attach photos to your events directly from the event editor.