Each task in your To Do List has a square to the left of it. If you click on this square a new menu will pop up where you can choose to mark your Task as "Finished," "In Progress," or "Delayed." Learn more about assigning progress statuses to Tasks.

When you have completed a Task on your To Do List and you want to mark that Task as “finished” all you need to do is click on the check box next to that Task in your List and select "Finished." Once you do that, the text of your Task will turn gray to indicate that it is no longer active. This method of marking Tasks as “finished” also works the same way when you add your To Do List as a Calendar Overlay.

To learn how to mark a Task as “finished” follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have marked the Task as “finished” all changes to your To Do List will be automatically saved. You will not need to click on a “Save” button to save all of your changes. You can always go back and click on the check box again to uncheck it and mark your Task as "Unfinished" again. You can also reset all of your finished Tasks back to "Unfinished" all at once. 

Learn more about how to delete Tasks.