Whenever you delete Bookmarks or delete Bookmark folders in your account, those Bookmarks are sent to the “Trash.” When you delete Bookmark folders, the folder will be deleted but the contents of the folder will be sent to the Trash. This Trash is accessible from any Bookmark folder or folder set. Once your Bookmarks have been deleted, they will be in the Trash for 30 days from their date of deletion. After 30 days, your Bookmarks in the Trash will be permanently deleted.

Note: If you want to hide your Bookmarks from your main folder view but not have them deleted, we recommend archiving your Bookmarks.

To view only the items that are in your Trash, click on the “List View" drop-down menu at the top of your Bookmark folder and then click on the "Trash" option. Follow the steps below:

Once you are in your Bookmark Trash, you will have the following options:

  1. Restore your deleted Bookmarks
  2. Permanently delete your Bookmarks

Like when you are using the command bar to delete single Bookmarks, you will need to click on the check box next to your Bookmarks in the Trash if you want to use either the “Restore” or “Delete Permanently” commands. The “Restore” command will remove your selected Bookmarks from the Trash and return them to your Bookmark folders and folder sets. The “Delete Permanently” command will allow you to go ahead and permanently delete your selected Bookmarks from your account.