A .KCS file is a file format that preserves Keep&Share's unique text formatting and colors on your calendar entries. These offline files can be saved onto your computer, and then imported into your choice of calendar program. You can also choose a .KCS file when exporting To Do Lists from your account.

The .KCS file is specific only to Keep&Share and because of this, there is not a way to open a .KCS file that you have downloaded on your computer. You also cannot import a .KCS file into another program that is not Keep&Share because it will not be able to recognize the file. If you would like to open a copy of something that you have created in Keep&Share, we would suggest downloading that file in any other format that we offer, as that will be compatible with your computer.

You can open a .KCS file in Keep&Share by importing that file into Keep&Share. If you are importing a calendar file, you will need to import that file into either a blank calendar or a calendar that already exists in your account.