When you add “Self-Book" to events on your calendar, by default the sign-up link appears as a plain blue link. This link can have the default sign-up text depending on which "Self-Book” template you're using (“Book Now”, “Make a Reservation”, “Sign Up Now”, or “Suggest an Event”), or you can customize what that sign-up text says.

Aside from customizing the text of this sign-up prompt, you can also choose to customize the appearance of this sign-up prompt. Your sign-up prompt can be either a link or a button, and you can choose the font color and the background color of the prompt. See examples below:

Changing the sign-up prompt appearance

To change the appearance of your sign-up prompt, you will need to edit your “Self-Book” template. Follow the steps in the image below:

Changing the sign-up prompt colors

To change the color of your sign-up prompt, follow the steps in the image below: