There are five ways that you can create and add photos to a new Photo Album in your account. One of the ways is that you can create a Photo Album that is designed for others to upload photos into. These Photo Albums each have a unique link that you can give to others to use to upload photos into your album. It doesn't matter whether these other people have a Keep&Share account, if you have shared your Photo Album with them, or if your album is shared publicly.

To create a Photo Album that others can upload photos into, follow the steps below:

Once you have clicked on the “Allow others to upload photos” button, you will be taken to a new screen where you are prompted to enter a title for your new Photo Album. You also have the option of choosing a custom color for the title text, text background, border color, and border width for your Photo Album. See the image below:

After saving your album, you can always edit your album again and copy the upload link to your Photo Album to share with others.

If you have shared and given Edit Rights to your Photo Album with the person that is uploading photos and they have a Keep&Share account, they will be able to see a link to your album after they are done uploading. If you have shared your Photo Album publicly, then others will be able to see a link to your Photo Album when they have finished uploading. If your album is not shared publicly or has been shared with the person who is uploading, they will not see a link to your Photo Album.

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