When all of your Events are tagged, you can turn on or turn off Events by clicking on the check box next to your Event Tags in your Event Tags list. This allows you to see only the Events that you want or need to see on your Calendar.

For example, you have three Events Tags that indicated levels of priority: High Priority, Higher Priority, and Highest Priority. If you only want to see the Events that have been tagged with the “Higher Priority” Event Tag, you can click on the check boxes next to the “Highest Priority” and “High Priority” tags in the Event Tag list to turn Events marked with those tags off on your Calendar. See the image below:

However, what do you do when there are multiple Event Tags applied to all of your events? Looking at the image below, let's say that you want to see only phone calls that Tom is tagged for. If you uncheck the tag named “Sarah” you'll notice that nothing happens. You have to uncheck all of the other Event Tags to see only calls that Tom has been tagged on.

As you can see, you also lose the benefit of some of your color-coded Event Tags if you uncheck all of the Event Tags except for “Tom” and it takes a lot of extra time to un-check all of those boxes.

Keep&Share allows you multiple levels of filtering by assigning your Event Tags to groups. You can do this by adding a group name to your Event Tag name and then by adding a “--”. See the image below as an example:

From the image above, there are three groups: Sales, Product, and the person assigned to the event that is taking place in the calendar. Now when you uncheck "Sarah" all of the events that are assigned to Tom will show and the ones assigned to Sarah will not.

By using groups to filter your Event Tags, that means you can still filter events within groups. For example, if you wanted to only see sales that said “New Lead” you would be able to turn off the “Follow-up” and “Purchase Confirmation” Event Tags and only see Events that have “New Lead” as the Event Tag.

To further explain the difference between ordinary Event Tags and multi-level Event Tags, ordinary Event Tags (tags without “--”) allow you to do "or" filtering. This means that with Event Tags A, B, and C turned on in your calendar, you want any events tagged with A, B, or C to show on your calendar. With multi-level Event tags (tags with "--") if Event Tags A, B, and C are turned on in your calendar, you want all Events that are tagged with A, B, and C to show.