Many features in Keep&Share (such as application navigation) rely on Javascript to function correctly. If you are seeing an error message that says that your Javascript is turned off or blocked then there is some troubleshooting you will need to do to get Javascript to run again for you.

First, you will need to make sure that you have Javascript turned on for the browser that you are using. Learn how to turn on Javascript for:

If you can't figure out how to enable Javascript in your current browser, please try a different browser.  Also try using a tablet, such as an iPad, if you have one available to you.  If you can get Keep&Share working in a different browser then you may need to reset your normal browser back to its default settings and remove any plugins that have been installed.

If Javascript appears to be enabled in your browser and you are still seeing an error message, check for any site-specific settings and security plugin settings that may prevent Keep&Share's Javascript from working.

If your Javascript appears not to be working after this, then something on your network may be blocking Javascript from loading. Some network security systems, particularly on corporate or education networks, can cause problems with Javascript. Try using a device that is not owned or controlled by the company or school, or try connecting to a completely different network such as your home network instead of the company network or a wifi hotspot at a coffee shop instead of your home network.  If Keep&Share works normally when you are using a different device or connected to a different network then you should speak to the person in charge of your network security and show them that Keep&Share is not working and ask them to fix it.