You can customize your Event Tags with icons available through your Keep&Share account. Only one icon can be assigned to an Event Tag at a time. Icons are a simple way to indicate the subject of the Event Tag and group similar Events together with that Event Tag. For example, if you have several phone meetings with different people, you can assign a phone icon to your Event Tag.

Keep&Share provides you with a set number of icons that you can use for your Event Tags. However, you also have the option of uploading and using your own custom icons for your Event Tags.

Note: A wider selection of icons are available for paid Keep&Share accounts.

If you currently have a free Basic account, you can try a 15-day free trial of our Solo plan to try out all of our premium features.

Adding Custom Event Tag Icons

First, you will need to upload the images that you want to use as custom icons. You can do this by either uploading your photos directly to the Photo Library, or you can upload them through the Event Tag dialog. To upload your photos using the Event Tag dialog follow the steps in the image below:

Once you've clicked on the "Add Photo" button you'll be taken to the "Upload Photo" dialog. You can then follow the steps in the image below to upload your custom icon images:

After you've clicked on the uploaded photo to select it as your custom Event Tag icon you will see the icon show up on the left-hand side of the screen next to your Event Tag and in your calendar where you've applied that Event Tag to your Events.