“Event Tags” are tags that you can use to label and color-code your Calendar Events. These tags are consistent through all of your Calendars in your Keep&Share account and help you to visually link together similar Events very quickly.

While you can use colors and icons to visually link similar events together you can also use Event Tags to sort your Events in a specific order. If your Events don't have a specified start time then they will automatically sort by the order that your Event Tags are in.

Take a look at the image below. In this calendar example, the events are ordered by when they were added to the calendar. As you can see this can be confusing if you're looking for groups of events.

However, if you add Event Tags to your events you can then change your untimed events to appear in the order that the Event Tags are. Whatever order your Event Tags are in the Navigator determines what order your tagged events will show up in. The tags at the top of the Navigator will appear first in your calendar and so on.

First, you will need to:

  1. Create your Event Tags
  2. Add them to your Events
  3. Change the order of your Event Tags to your liking

Once you have applied your Event Tags you can see your events in their new order. See the image below:

If you add times to your events your events will be changed to the order of what time they occur in. However, if you'd like to add times to your events but would like your calendar to not recognize the numbers as times, you can turn off number recognition in your calendar. That way you can use Event Tags to determine the order of your events but still add a time.