When you share your calendar with others you may want to give your visitors the ability to easily call a phone number associated with an event. There are two ways that you can add a telephone link to your events. When you add your phone number link to your event your visitors can either tap on this link from their mobile device or their computer to call the number.

How to add your phone number as a link

First, you'll need to click on the event in your calendar that you want to add a phone number to. Then follow the steps in the image below:

Be sure that when you add your phone number as a link that you put it in this format: "tel:123-123-1234." The "tel:" prefix makes the number into a clickable phone number.

You can also attach phone numbers using the "upload" button to the right of "Attach Links." See the image below:

How to attach your phone number as a link

If you have a paid account you can directly attach phone numbers from your Address Book. Learn more about how to attach your addresses to your events.