Calendar Overlays let you create a combined view of your calendars by layering more calendars on top of the master calendar. For example, with Calendar Overlays, you have one Calendar that you are currently looking at in your account. Any other Calendar that you have in your account can then be “overlaid” onto this Calendar. You can choose custom colors for each overlay.

Event Tags” are tags that you can use to label and color-code your Calendar Events. These tags are consistent through all of your Calendars in your Keep&Share account and help you to visually link together similar Events very quickly. You can assign a custom name, a specific color, border, or icon for your tag.

Both Calendar Overlays and Event Tags are listed in the Navigator on the left-hand side of your screen. When you combine event overlay colors with colored borders on Event Tags you can create a powerful two-color coding system in your calendar.

For example, let's say you have a calendar overlay for each staff member. Each overlay has its own specific color on the master calendar so that you can find all of a person's events by looking for the overlay color. See the image below:

Once you've added your custom background colors to your Event Overlays your calendar and your Navigator will look similar to this:

You can then create Event Tags that only have a specified border color and the background and text color are undefined. We prefer using the left-hand border style. You can use these Event Tags to specify the type of event and add these Event Tags to each event in your calendar. See the image below:

After you've added your custom border colors to your Event Tags you can then add your Event Tags to events in your calendar. With your Calendar Overlay and Event Tag Border colors combined, you now will have two-color coding. See the image below: