When you create new events in your calendar, your browser always remembers whatever event settings you used last on your events in that session. This means that if you create an event with bolded text, the next new event that you create will by default have bolded text until you change it.

However, you do have the option of choosing what you always want your new event default settings to be. When you choose your default event settings, these settings will be in effect every time that you create a new event in your calendar. Any events that you import into your calendar will also have these default settings.

To learn how to choose your default event settings follow the steps in the image below:

On the same screen, you can also choose what your default link settings for new events are. This includes the name of the link, how the link opens, and/or what the URL is. Any or all of these fields can be pre-filled in so that your link settings will always show when you create a new event in your calendar.