Keep&Share works quite well with the leading modern browsers. We highly recommend you new, current versions of browsers, since the latest versions have the best performance and security.

Also, we recommend you always have at least two different browsers installed on your PC or Mac. Whenever you seem to have strange behavior with a website (whether with or any other website), it can be very useful to try accessing that same website from a different browser. E.g, if you're having problems with Chrome, try accessing the site using Firefox.

For PC Windows users, we highly recommend you use the latest versions of:

IE Users: if you are using older versions of IE such as IE 8, IE 7 or IE 6, you should definitely get the latest version. We support IE 11, but not any of the older versions of IE. These older versions are notorious for being slow and having many security issues that put your computer at risk.

For Macintosh users: