A simple way to add notes or journal entries to your Calendar is by using “Day Notes.” Day Notes are freeform calendar entries that can store up to 20 pages of text on any date in your Calendar. You can even format and add hyperlinks to your journal entry using the range of tools available in the Keep&Share word processor.

Write about the details of your day in Day Notes

If you change your Calendar View to “Day View” then you can easily see all of the Day Notes that you’ve added to your Calendar. Please note that if you want your Day Notes to appear at the top of your Day View you will need to change your Day Note position.

Note: Usually the easiest way to view journal-style entries is with your Calendar’s day view by hiding the Day Grid in your Calendar. Then click on the day view button to choose how many days (1-7) you would like displayed at a time on your Calendar. Learn more about how to turn off the Day Grid in your Calendar.

Also, consider keeping your journal, diary, or log in a separate Calendar of its own with Keep&Share's Multiple Calendars feature. You can even overlay your journal(s) with other Calendars for a combined view of schedules and notes. All paid K&S plans give you multiple Calendars. See the example below for overlaying calendars:

Learn more about Calendar Overlays.

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