Day Notes are free-form calendar entries that can store up to 20 pages of text information in any date in your Calendar. You can format your day note text using the range of tools available in the Keep&Share word processor. There is one Day Note available per date on your calendar.

After you have created a Day Note in your Calendar, you can always go back and make edits to that Day Note using the Day Editor. In the Day Editor interface you can select and edit text in your Day Note as you would in any word processor. To access the Day Editor, click on your Date Note and the editor will pop-up in a new dialog. To edit your Day Note, follow the steps below:

The features available to edit and format your Day Editor depend on which plan your Keep&Share Calendar is signed up for, and if other features (such as Self-Book) have been activated in your Calendar.

Basic Day Editor Features

Every Keep&Share account has the ability to format text, add Links, add Icons, add Images, and hide text details in your Day Editor.

Advanced Day Editor Features

Paid Keep&Share accounts provide the added abilities for advanced text formatting, adding Tables and HTML formatting to your Day Editor.

Copying Day Notes

If you'd like to copy Day Notes in your calendar throughout the week, you can do so by using the arrows at the top of the Day Note editor and the copy/paste shortcuts on your computer keyboard. First you'll need to click on the Day Note you want to copy. Then you'll need to select the text in the Day Note and press “CTRL” + “C” (for PC computers) or "Command" + "C" (for Apple computers).Follow the steps in the link below:

When you click on the "Next" arrow button any changes that you made to the previous Day Note are automatically saved. This means that when you move to a new Day Note you don't have to click on the "Save" button every time. You can click  on the arrow button ">>" and Ctrl+V a number of times in a row to make copies for any number of days in a row very quickly.