Keep&Share’s Calendar print dialog lets you add extra information to every page of your printout using headers and footers. Both Headers and Footers can display custom text or information about your document using print codes.

Print codes can provide information about the Name, URL, Date, Time, and Page numbers in your printout. To use a print code, simply type it into one of the text fields in the Header and Footer sections of the Print Dialog.

Default Print Codes

The print dialog comes filled with default print codes to show information about your Calendar in common formats. The default print codes display the Calendar's Name, today's date, the Calendar's URL, and the page numbers of the printout.

Full list of Calendar Print Codes

Specific print codes that you can use in your Calendar printout.

Adding plain text

You can also choose to enter plain text instead of print codes into your Calendar headers and footers. Just be sure that if you'd like to use a single ampersand (“&”) in your text, type “&&” instead so that your plain text won't be read as code.

To learn more on all of the printing options available, visit our solutions in the Calendar Printing: Getting Started folder.