In the Event Editor, you can add to, edit, schedule, format, and connect your event to your email, phone, and other Calendars. The features available within your Event Editor depend on which plan your Keep&Share Calendar is signed up for, and if other features (such as “Self-Book”) have been activated in your Calendar.

To access and edit an Event, open the Event Editor by clicking on the Event in a date on your Calendar. See the image below:

Basic Event Editor Features

Every Keep&Share account has the ability to format, schedule, organize, and add icons to events. Basic features also include the ability to reschedule Events to different days and times, choose event colors, add borders, and copy Events. 

Advanced Event Editor Features

To access the advanced Event Editor you will need to click on the "More Options" button pictured in the "Basic Event Editor". In the advanced editor, you can add notes to Events, add links to your events, create reminders for your Events, and the ability to move & copy your events between your Calendars. You can also create repeating events, create multi-day events, add Event Tags, turn your Event into a Meeting or Self-Book Event, and view the history of changes made to an event.

Once you are finished editing your event, click to save the changes to your Calendar and close the Event Editor.

Self-Book: Booking Events on your Calendar

The “Self-Book” feature lets someone viewing your Calendar Self-Book an event on your Calendar. To enable Appointments or Group Sign Ups for your Calendar, you would use the “Self-Book” button in the Event Editor. For more information setting up “Self-Book”, visit our solution on setting up “Self Book.”