You can import external calendar data using properly formatted .CSV files. A .CSV file utilizes a format that has a comma between each item of information it contains. Keep&Share Calendar supports most .CSV formatted files from commonly used calendar applications such as Yahoo! Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

What does my .CSV file need to import it to K&S?

All .CSV files must have a correctly formatted header for Keep&Share to import them. At a minimum, a header should contain a Subject and Start Date. K&S supports Subject, Start Date, Start Time, End Date, End Time, Description, and Location Headers. CSV date formats can be in US or European Style.

Keep&Share supports these headers (accepted alternative headers are in parentheses):

  1. Subject (Event)
  2. Description
  3. Details - hover text for the event (Title)
  4. Start Date (Date)
  5. End Date (EndDate)
    1. If the end date is specified and is greater than the start date, you'll create a multi-day event
    2. If the end date is specified and the end date equals the start date, you'll create a one-day event
    3. To create a day note, set the start date but do not provide an end date
  6. Start time (Time)
  7. End Time (EndTime)
  8. Tags (Tags, Event Tag, Event Tags)
  9. Location
  10. Color - 0..14 event colors for the event
  11. Emphasis - 0..3 0 - none, 1 - bold, 2 -highlight, 3- both for the event
  12. Event Border (BorderStyle) - 0 - none, 1 - thin border, 2 - left border
  13. Border Color (BorderColor) - Hexadecimal code for the color
  14. Link Text - link 1 link text for the event (LinkText)
  15. Link URL - link 1 url for the event (LinkURL, URL)
  16. Link Details - link 1 hover text for the event (LinkDetails)
  17. Link Target - link 1 target (e.g. _blank) for the event (LinkTarget)
  18. Append a “2” or “3” to the link headers to specify the second or third link on the event, e.g., “Link Text 2” or “LinkURL3”
  19. Event Notes, EventNotes, Notes - event note content for the event (can contain basic HTML tags for formatting)
  20. Event Notes Link Text, Notes Link Text, EventNotesLinkText, NotesLinkText event note link text for the event
  21. Sign Up Name, Sign Up, SignUp - Self-Book template name for the event
  22. Note:  the CSV import will place the Subject (Event) data of the CSV record into the day note if the Start time and the End date are omitted.

How can I create a .CSV file?

You can either export a .CSV file from an external calendar program, or you can save a Microsoft Excel Files in a .CSV format. Each column in your Excel file will save as a separate “.CSV” field.

How can I edit a .CSV file?

To edit a .CSV file, first make sure that the file is saved with the .csv extension (many text editing applications cannot “Save As...” a .CSV, and manually typing the extension at the end of the file name does not make it a readable .CSV file).

.CSV file examples

Here are sample CSV files with calendar information you can download and edit and test:

  • Sample1: Very simple. Imports 10 events into November 2023.
  • Sample2: Imports 8 events with more fields, including time, for November 2023.
  • Sample3: Brings in Day Notes with HTML markup into the first 4 days of November 2023.
  • Sample4: Brings in one Day Note with 2 live hyperlinks into December 2, 2023.
  • Sample5: Brings in 30 events into September 21, 2023, demonstrating all 16 event color codes with no highlighting, and with highlighting.

Sample3 is an interesting one because it shows how your CSV file can include HTML markup to style the text or even include hyperlinks.

Troubleshooting .CSV file imports

If you are having difficulty with your .CSV file, check the following:

  • Does your CSV use a comma as a delimiter, or something else?
    K&S does not support semicolon “;” or colon “:” delimiters, only commas. Please make sure all fields are separated by commas.
  • Does your file have the correct field headers?
    Check the “What does my .CSV file need” section above, as all .CSV files must have a correctly formatted header for Keep&Share to import them.

To learn more on all of the importing and exporting options available, visit our solutions in the Importing and Exporting Calendars solutions folder.