Keep&Share’s Calendar print dialog gives you multiple ways to customize your Calendar printout by choosing from a selection of print layouts, fonts, and information add-ons. The overall layout style of your Calendar is determined by the layout, orientation and paper size you select for a printout.

The Layout drop down menu is the most important of these features as it selects how many Day Boxes (a box with information about a particular date) appear in your Calendar. The orientation you select plays a role in the shape of these day boxes (with “portrait” creating taller, narrow boxes, and “landscape” creating wider, squarish boxes). The paper size you select will affect the overall size of your printout and the boxes displayed.

To get a sense of the variety of formats available from these choices, visit our Sample Calendar print layouts page.

Details on Layout options

Though orientation and page size play a role, the most important of these features as it affects not only how the information is displayed on your Calendar, but the type of information that is printed, and the Calendar layouts that the printout will come in.

Much like the live Calendar View options in Keep&Share, different layouts have different advantages, which are as follows

Month Layout

Advantages: It can give an overview of an entire month, and provides the option to include weekends/extra days before and after the month. It also lets you print Month Notes.


Week Layout

Advantages: This layout displays wider day boxes to ease reading of large paragraphed Calendar entries. It also provides a blank day box for hand-written notes. This view is enhanced with a landscape orientation.


Week Layout (Column)

Advantages: This layout displays taller vertical boxes that are ideal for lists of short entries. This view is enhanced with a portrait orientation.


4 Week Layout

Advantages: This layout displays four weeks worth of calendar data. You can expand the row heights in order for all of your event data to show and you can choose to show or not show weekends.


Day Layout

Advantages: Day layouts give you the most space per day and will print “across” as many pages as necessary to show all the contents of each day. You can print out as many days in a row as you like.


Event Layout

Advantages: This stacked layout will also show all of the content of each day, but the size of these day boxes is determined by how much content is in each day. This layout is the most efficient content/print layout, though it minimizes extra writing space.


Year Layout

Advantages: This layout displays an entire year of content on a page to give you a general sense of your yearly Calendar.


Year Layout (Headline)

Advantages: This layout, like the Year at a Glance Headline View, will display the first 10 characters of each headlined events in a Calendar year. This layout is helpful with planning around important events in your year.


Side-by-Side Layout

Advantages: This layout displays multiple Calendars in your account side by side (one day at a time).

Though not listed in the print dialog menus, a paid account's Side-by-Side View feature is also available as a print layout. To utilize this Calendar view in your printouts, simply open the Side-by-Side View in your Calendar, and click the printer icon button in the top left corner. This will open the print dialog pop-up with the layout preselected as “Side-by-Side” Layout.

Then, just set your choice of other printing options and click the “OK” button at the bottom the dialog to print.


Customize the number months, weeks and/or days per page

If you are interested in customizing the number of months, weeks or days per sheet in your printout, visit this help screen.

To learn more on all of the printing options available, visit our solutions in the Calendar Printing: Getting Started folder.