Keep&Share’s Calendar print dialog offers three different font styles for your Calendar printout so you can select the style that works best for you. The default style is Arial, but you can also choose from Serif and Sans Serif fonts, as each has its own advantages. Certain foreign languages will only print out in some of the fonts, however, so use the following guidelines when printing foreign language character sets.

Note: Many of the foreign language characters are only supported in plain text. So use the “Clear Formatting” tool to remove any bold or other styles from your text and that can eliminate problems.

Adding Foreign Language Characters to your Calendar Printout

To print out a copy of your Calendar using a foreign language, open the Calendar that you would like to print, and check to see if the foreign language characters are displayed in plain, non-formatted text to ensure printing clarity. You can quickly remove text formatting using the “Clear Formatting” tool.

Once the formatting is removed, click the “Print” button in the top left corner. This will open the print dialog pop-up.

In the print dialog, select the font best suited to your foreign language characters (see descriptions below) from the font style drop-down menu.

  • Arial: This is the default font. Arial is a sans serif font that provides full support for English, western, and eastern European character sets (including Greek and Russian), as well as support for Hebrew and Hindi.
  • Serif: In addition to providing the look of a serif font, this supports a slightly larger group of character sets. It provides full support for English, western, and eastern European characters (including Greek and Russian), Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, and Thai.
  • Sans Serif: This font selection relies on the character fonts that you have installed on your PDF reader. This might make it the best choice if you are using a font not covered by the other fonts — for example, characters in Japanese or Chinese languages.

Once you have made your selection of printing options, click the “OK” button at the bottom of the dialog and a PDF printout will appear in a new window and/or tab in your browser (depending on your browser settings).

To learn more on all of the printing options available, visit our solutions in the Calendar Printing: Getting Started folder.