Visitors can sign up for Events or suggest Events for your Calendar after you set sharing and set up Self-Book for that specific Calendar. Visitors then book your Calendar in different ways, depending on what events you’ve put on your Calendar already and according to the Self-Book settings you’ve chosen for your Calendar of Events.

If “Book an Appointment” or “Group Sign Up” are set for your Calendar

Visitors find an Event time slot on your Calendar they would like to book. If the booking is available for this event, there will be a blue link to the right of the Event’s title text. The link will usually say “Book Now”, or “Sign Up Now”, or you can change what it says by writing a customized Self-Book prompt for that event. This link will open a Self-Book Form that allows them to book this event. (There are starter Self-Book Forms included in your account, but you can customize these, too).

If “Make a Reservation” or “Suggest an Event” are set for your Calendar

Visitors will locate and click on the button that is in the title bar of your Calendar. The button will say “Make a Reservation”, “Suggest an Event”, or a customized Self-Book prompt that you wrote for your Calendar. This button will open a Self-Book Form that allows them to send you their booking for an event on your Calendar.