After you’ve set up Self-Book for your Calendar, you’ll keep track of them using the “Self-Book Dashboard. In the “Self-Book” Dashboard, you can keep track of bookings that users have booked to your Calendar, and you can also create customized Self-Book Templates, and customized Self-Book Forms to further personalize your Self-Book feature. You can open your “Self-Book” Dashboard by clicking on the “Self-Book” button in the blue bar on the left-hand side above your calendar. 

Note: If you haven’t yet purchased the Self-Book, you’ll only have access to the sample version in your account, which has fewer customization options and other limits. To have access to all the features, purchase the full subscription. (If you are currently in a Free Trial of Keep&Share though, you will have access to the full Self-Book feature during your whole trial).

If you currently have a free Basic account, you can try a 15-day free trial of our Solo plan to try out all of our premium features.

The “Self-Book” Dashboard

When a visitor books any kind of Event on your Calendar, they fill out a Self-Book From that sends you information about the visitor and the event they are booking. The “Self-Book” Dashboard then takes the information submitted from these forms and sorts it by alphabetical order by template name.

Your account comes with over a dozen "Starter" templates that you can copy and customize. Each template you have is listed in the Self-Book Dashboard. Below is an example of the default "Book an Appointment" template and its default form:

Your custom Self-Book Dashboard shows the "Prompt" field for each of your templates by default, but you can also choose to show a different form field in the Dashboard:

There is only one “Self-Book” Dashboard per Keep&Share account, and it manages bookings for every Calendar in your account. Starter “Self-Book” Templates are organized in the top half of the “Self-Book” Dashboard, and Customized Self-Book Templates are in the lower half of the “Self-Book” Dashboard.

Note — If no customized “Self-Book” Templates are visible in your “Self-Book” Dashboard, either they have not been set up yet, or your account does not have a full subscription to the “Self-Book” feature.

With the “Self-Book” Dashboard you can

  • Keep track of all bookings made to your Calendar in one place on the “Self-Book” Dashboard’s main page.
  • Review bookings individually for details, approval, or removal from your Calendar.
  • Create your own customized versions of “Self-Book” Templates and “Self-Book” Forms.
  • Export your Self-Book data into a .CSV file or email list.