You can share the management and Notification duties of your “Self-Book” Calendars and Events with other Keep&Share users by giving them Edit Rights in your Calendar’s Share Control.

This can be especially helpful if you are managing the Calendars for someone else’s Events. For example, an administrative assistant may be in charge of putting a signup Calendar on the website, but the appointments on that Calendar are with other staff members. The administrative assistant could give those other staff Edit Rights, and they would receive Notifications themselves when the appointments are booked.

With multiple staff members’ events on the Calendar, it may be best to create an individual Calendar with the “Self-Book” feature for each staffer & give them edit rights to just that Calendar and then overlay all the Calendars together into a master Calendar that clients see. Then, clients see all the appointment options, and the person responsible for the appointment they end up choosing gets a Notification (instead of just the admin, or all the staff, getting the Notification).

Note: Some team management features such as booking Notifications are only available with a full “Self-Book” subscription.

If you currently have a free Basic account, you can try a 15-day free trial of our Solo plan to try out all of our premium features.

Enabling team management of your “Self-Book” Calendar

Go to the “Share Control" of the Calendar where you’re using the “Self-Book” feature. Here, you can choose a specific Keep&Share user that you would like to share management with, and add them to your Share List. Once this user is added to your share list, check the box that gives them Edit Rights to this specific Calendar to the right of their name.

If you are adding a large number of Keep&Share users to manage your Self-Book Calendar(s), you can also choose to add this list of users to a Keep&Share team, and then simply check the box that gives the whole team Edit Rights to this specific Calendar, or you can click on the checkbox next to "Can Edit" to select everyone in the Share Control at once.

Not only will the individuals you give editing rights to will be able to approve or reject bookings, but they will also be able to see the “Review Bookings” panel but only for the Calendar with “Self-Book” that you gave them editing rights to.