Yes, you automatically receive email notifications whenever someone books an event on your calendar with booking Notifications. You can customize your booking Notifications as one of the many options available for Customized “Self-Book” Templates. You will also receive text notifications if you edit your account's email and phone settings to send "Calendar & To Do messages" to your mobile phone.

Customizing your “Self-Book” Booking Notifications

This feature lets you choose if you'd like to be automatically updated when an Event is booked to your Calendar. To set up Bookings Notifications, go to the “Self-Book” Dashboard, click on the “Add Template” button, and select your choice of “Self-Book” Template Type. You are then provided with the option to notify the Calendar Owner, Team Editors, a custom list, or all of the above when an Event is booked with this customized “Self-Book” template.

Note: Calendar editors should make sure their accounts are correctly configured to receive their notifications.

Note: Customized “Self-Book” Templates are only available in the full “Self-Book” subscription.

If you currently have a free Basic account, you can try a 15-day free trial of our Solo plan to try out all of our premium features.