It’s a straight forward process to make copies of all the data in your Calendar by using the “Export” command to save all your Calendar’s data onto your computer. You can then import this same Calendar file into any Keep&Share account.

Follow below directions:

  1. Export the calendar from its current account in .KCS format to your hard drive
  2. Go to the new location (account), turn on an unused calendar
  3. Import the .KCS file into the new Calendar
  4. Edit the name of the Calendar in the new location
  5. Set the sharing of the Calendar in the new location

You now have the Calendar in the new account location! When you're sure the new Calendar has all the data and is working well, erase all the data in the old Calendar.

What to do with the old calendar

To be safe, we recommend these steps regarding the “old copy” of the Calendar in its original account:

  1. Keep the downloaded .KCS file around for a few weeks just in case you need to refer to this snapshot for any reason
  2. In the original account, rename the Calendar to be something like“ Project Zebra - OLD” so there's no confusion this version should not be  used
  3. Turn off any sharing on the old Calendar
  4. Click on “Manage Applications” in the original account and turn off the display of “Project Zebra - OLD” from the Navigator (see below)

The goal is to make sure you don't accidentally have people using both the old & new versions of the Calendar — which could lead to confusion. You can always open the “Manage Applications” pop-up dialog to turn the old Calendar back on if you need to.