Multiple calendars are a great way to track the many schedules in your life both at work and at home. You can share any of your calendars individually through notifications, emails, links, or as pdfs.

To share multiple calendars, first select who you want to share it with in your Share Control. See the image below on how to share your Calendar:

Then, you can:

  • Share multiple calendars individually (for maximum control over what information you share).
  • Share a calendar that combines Overlays from multiple calendars. When you share calendars, those who view your Calendar (also known as Calendar Visitors) can also control which Overlays are displayed in this combined calendar. (However, if you give them Edit Rights to this combined calendar, they will only be able to edit the source calendar unless you've also given them Edit Rights to the overlaid calendars).
  • Share a Calendar in Side-by-Side view by copying & sharing with them a Side-by-Side view link.

Learn more on multiple calendars in the Multiple Calendars: Getting Started solutions folder.

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